We regularly have suitable greyhounds, lurchers and salukis that are looking for homes. These breeds, known as Sighthounds, are often misunderstood yet surprisingly make the most fabulous addition to a home, particularly if you are looking for a lower maintenance, quieter dog.

Kind, gentle and comfort loving, usually great travellers in the car they are often clean in the home from day one (with input from the home to help them learn the routine) and they don't need as much exercise as you would think.

For most pet Greyhound owners - once you are a convert there is no going back! If you would like to learn more about Sighthounds, please complete a dog adoption application form and add a note that you would like to talk to someone to learn a little more about Sighthounds or to find out if one would suit your home, family and lifestyle. Then one of the dog rehoming team will get in contact with you.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a sighthound?

A sighthound is any breed that relied on sight and speed, more than scent, to hunt. This includes salukis, wolfhounds, whippets and greyhounds. A lurcher is any dog with a sighthound as a mother or father.

Are Sighthounds good with children?

As with every adoption it is about finding a sighthound that is suitable to the age of your child/children. Teaching your children the importance of living with a dog is the responsibility of a parent. Children need to learn to behave safely around dogs and know that if a dog is on its bed, sleeping or eating, it should be left alone.

Why do I need a homecheck?

In some cases it will be a sighthounds first time in a home so before we release a dog from our Heathlawn family to yours we want to ensure a smooth and successful transition. Sighthounds thrive with a routine and we want to make sure you are adopting the right dog for your family and lifestyle and that everyone in the family is happy with the decision to adopt.

During a home check it is likely that we will know the name of the sighthound that you have been matched with and therefore we want to see that your garden (if you have one) is sufficiently secure. If it is not, we will make recommendations on how you can improve it and progress to the next stage once evidence of the improvements have been submitted to your home checker.

What does a sighthound eat?

The same as any other dog! We suggest that you look for better quality dog foods and find a regime that suits your dog,  be it a dry food, wet food, raw or a combination.  Our team is happy to advise about feeding.  Sighthounds have no specific dietary requirements and would eat around the same volume as any large dog like a Labrador or Pointer.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

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