649 days Hebe has been sitting in her kennel waiting for someone to "see her". She is, by all accounts, one of the many "invisible dogs" that wait in every rescue across the country. Partly because of the way they look so many people have never known the true love or loyalty of a Staffie. And in Hebes case it's doubly difficult because Hebe still carries the trauma of her past which makes her extremely nervous when faced with new people as she shakes hides away and becomes a submissive, trembling mess.

But once you can get past that obstacle, and it may take a little while, Hebe is one of the most loving, fun loving, sweet girls you could ever meet. Obviously we want to home Hebe responsibly, as we do with all our dogs, but as Hebe is classed as a restricted breed here in Ireland we need to ensure she is kept safe with a responsible owner at all times.

Hebe is looking for a quiet home without children, simply because of her shyness and fear right now that the noise and movement would be too much.

She needs a fully secure garden.

She needs to be the only dog in the home, not because Hebe has shown any aggressive behaviour towards another dog (in fact she loves a walk with her friends), to remove any obstacles that may cause Hebe to fail in those early days.

Unfortunately, due to her breed we are not allowed to place Hebe in council owned properties (that is their rule).

Hebe really has a lot of love, fun and loyalty to shows to those she knows and trusts.

Watch these videos and decide yourself whether she is deserving of a home like so many of her friends have found.