Halle came into our care 6 months ago (200 days to be exact) as a very sick, frail 6 week old puppy with her 3 siblings. 2 siblings died the next day and Lujah (the other surviving sister) was rehomed as a 4 month old puppy.

Halle sits and waits every single day for the right person to see her profile.
She is the most amazing girl with the most amazing brain and she absolutely LOVES to learn.
Halle is looking for a home who will share her love of learning, so someone who is interested in obedience, agility or even mantrailing, hiking etc.

Whilst Halle loves engaging her brain she is also a real cuddle bug too.
Halle is better in a home without young children (so teenagers up) and is probably best at this stage as an only dog though she must have human company.

She is sociable with other dogs but we really need the next stage of her journey to be all about Halle as she continues to grow and mature.
She has come so so far and the young staff member seen in the video here doing training with Halle may only be 19 years old but it shows if you have the passion, dedication and the interest, you can achieve great things. Well done Alannah.

Come on let's get Halle out there as this pupster has spent far too long sitting in a kennel.
Adoption forms are available on our website.


February 2024
Halle is still searching for her forever home. She is doing great in her foster home and loving it.

Halle walks really well on the lead, travels well in the car, loves to chill and absolutely loves people and is currently best friends with the little girl in her foster home. She does like to have company for most of the day so humans at home will work best but after that Halle is just the sweetest, kindest girl ready to be loved.

If you would like to apply to adopt Halle, please complete a dog adoption application form.

In compliance with DAFM Legislation, the GalwaySPCA unique certificate number is GPT200022C.

Halle's Microchip number can be provided on request.

*April 2024*

7 month old Halle is still in foster and doing amazingly well. She loves her little human sister (aged 7) and has been learning lots of new tricks with her (sit, down and paw).

Halle is a medium sized girl who walks great on the lead, travels well in the car, is housetrained and absolutely LOVES everyone she meets.

Halle is looking for a home where there is someone at home all day as she doesn't like being left alone for long. She is a fantastic girl who picks up new things very quickly and loves getting out on her walks before chilling the evening away. She is a great dog for any home.

*January 2024*
Halle and Lujah are the two surviving babies of a litter of 4 that we rescued from a filthy, litter strewn yard six weeks ago. Weak, emaciated, dehydrated and cold we sadly lost two sisters in the first 24 hours. Halle and Lujah survived and went into foster with one of our experienced foster families where, under their loving care, they started to flourish. They are currently living with 5 dogs, as many cats and even more children.

Halle is the bigger, stronger and louder of the two sisters. She loves to be stuck in the middle of everything and loves being with humans, to the point that she would spend her days being carried around. She loves her toys, the other dogs and life! She is very nearly house trained are doing small walks on her harness. She is approximately 4 months old and, while we can’t be absolutely sure of her breed, we think she may be medium-ish size when fully grown. Halle can live with other dogs, cats and respectful children. She needs someone at home all day due to her young age. She needs an indoor home only and one with a secure garden.

*February 2024*

Halle has had a very busy few days with outings to Birr Castle, Portumna Castle, Portumna Marina and was even the star on 2fm with Rozanna Purcell (many thanks) as she tries to bump up her "portfolio" in her attempt to get someone to notice her, fall in love and offer her the one thing she wants the most ...her very own forever home and family.

Halle is now 6 months old and is finding kennel life somewhat stressful. She simply adores human company so it saddens her to have to sit for most of the day in her kennel awaiting her turn to go walking or just have cuddles..

Halle is a mixed breed who will be a medium size once fully grown. She is super cuddly, super affectionate and also very clever.

She is looking for a home where there will be someone at home for most of the day (humans are her favourite thing). She can live with another dog pending a meet and greet, and can live with respectful children. Halle walks well on her lead, loves the car and, with a little bit of help, would be fully housetrained very quickly as she is nearly there but with kennel life it's not always that easy.

It seems unfair that Halle just cannot seem to get away from "black dog syndrome" and catch a break.

All she needs is a true dog lover to see her true potential.

Lets hope its very soon.