Did you ever wonder how much your generous donations mean to us, to the animal in need when we have a special appeal??

Many of you may remember little Wafer, the 4 month old pup who was brought into our vets in June 2023 to be put to sleep because her owner didn’t want a bill to fix her leg (despite help being offered).

Wafer was oh so grateful to be saved by the wonderful team at A Country Practice Vet Clinic and, in turn, ourselves. She sailed through her operation and went into foster with Sara, one of the vets at ACP, where she was rehabilitated and she blossomed after a few months of careful care.

She was adopted by a lovely couple Andy and Nicola last year and renamed Wren. Yesterday we received this fab update of a young, healthy, happy girl living life to its fullest and making sure to embrace every new day.

For Wafer there was a happy ending and we thank everyone who donated and cared to ensure she got her happy ever after❤️


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