Last month we were asked to help an older Lurcher/Saluki girl who we named Velvet. At 7/8 years old Velvet had spent her life hunting, pumping out litters and living her life outdoors. That is a hard life for any dog but, as per the breed, Velvet was sweet, loving and forgiving. At the time of Velvets arrival we already had in our care two of her 11 month old pups, Linen and Denim who had arrived 3 months earlier.

Velvet seemed so grateful for a warm, soft bed and slept soundly for the first few days. She was a delightful little girl who seemed to know that her life had changed and from here on in it would be a life full of love and security. More often than not our Lurchers have to wait for homes outside of Ireland ,thanks to our friends at Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue and Pet levrieri ETS .

A lovely application had come in for another of our Lurchers but we just weren’t convinced that it was right for that Lurcher but we believed it was absolutely perfect for Velvet, so we gave them a call and let them know our thoughts and reasons and invited them out to Heathlawn to meet Velvet. And it was just the perfect meet and greet.

It has been two weeks since Velvet began her life as a much adored family member, for the first time in her life, and she has taken to home life with her usual gentle and sweet nature. New mum Adrienne and big sister Renee are over the moon with their first ever Sighthound and are very much in love with this amazing breed and Velvet (now Lady) is also very much in love with her new humans and new way of life.

We, at Heathlawn, Galway SPCA are so happy to know that yet another Lurcher is happily homed here in Ireland, helping to promote just how wonderful a pet they truly do make.

Here’s to many wonderful years together.





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