Stevie, stunning, affectionate and sweet, but not without a price. Stevie came back into our care a few months ago due to an ongoing issue with her stomach. After a full dental and months of trial and error, we established Stevie had not only a sensitivity to poultry, but also IBS triggered by stress. Stevie also really didn’t like other cats.

The cattery was challenging, while we could restrict her diet, having her not see of hear other cats was impossible. A few appeals on our social media got some applications, but all either had other pets or were simply not fully aware of how bad Stevies episodes could be. We also didn’t want to have a situation where Stevie would bounce back from homes each time, as it would make settling her even more difficult each time.

Then we received an application that stated they would be interested in meeting here. This application just felt different from all the others. It ticked all the boxes and we invited them to come and meet her. Stevie didn’t really show her best self at all. Why should she? She had met strangers before and nothing had changed. As we spoke to the young couple and explained everything that could go wrong, explained how important her diet was and how much potential we knew Stevie had, all the while willing Stevie to make a good impression 😅 which she really refused to do!!

But, thankfully, the couple didn’t mind that Stevie was playing hard ball, and we decided to send her into foster for a a month to see if Stevie and her potential family would click. It took absolutely no time at all, Stevie settled straight in and her new family fell head over heels! So much so they couldn’t even wait the whole month to make it Official!

Last Wednesday, Stevies new Mom came back into out cattery, to sign on the dotted line and just like that, Stevie was Home😻

Massive thanks to Stevies amazing new family for seeing her potential and offering her a stress(animal) free home where she can be Queen of her castle 🏰❤️


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