Ratatouille was found wandering and it’s hard to believe that there was nobody searching for this little boy but, sadly, he became yet another “John Doe”, another Dumped Dog. No Collar. No Chip. No one looking for him.

Well someone’s loss was most definitely one of Siobhán and Noels biggest gains as Ratatouille, now known as Mylo, strutted into their lives, literally, a couple of weeks ago. This sweet, kind, chilled little boy now has a doting Mum and Dad and even a cat sibling who he loves to snuggle up with on the sofa.

Ratatouille/Mylo also likes to join in with the weekly shop and is happy sitting in the trolley making sure Mum doesn’t forget his doggy treats. After the loss of their doggie a few months ago, Siobhán and Noel are delighted they honoured their beloved previous doggie by opening up their hearts and home to another in need and happy days are ahead.

Thank you Siobhan and Noel for making Ratatouilles/Mylos dreams come true.


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