Found dumped on our sanctuary lane way with his two siblings just 8 weeks old in August 2023, Mauritius has finally found the home of his dreams with the Flaherty family. For some dogs the path from rescue to their forever home can be a bumpy one and Mauritius was that dog.

He bounced out of his first home as a 3 month old pup for being too bouncy with the younger children, he then bounced out of his second home for being too bouncy for the teenagers. Thankfully for Mauritius, Debbie and Patrick stepped forward as foster parents. With two ex Gspca dogs of their own (both having had their own quirky personalities), we knew they would be the ones to get Mauritius through his issues with accepting boundaries and rules (there’s one of those in every family😅). And that’s exactly what they did …for the last 6 months.

Last weekend they bravely handed over Mauritius’ lead to the Flaherty family and on the end of that lead Mauritius was now an 11 month old much calmer, more disciplined dog who now knew what boundaries were, had basic commands and who was a much more composed and settled boy because of Debbie, Patrick their two dogs and their unwavering commitment to Mauritius. For that we are truly thankful.

And the Flaherty family are a family full of fun, love and adventures who will be including Mauritius in their daily life and we hear that he will soon be going to support his human siblings at their sport events.

We wish you all the very best memories for the future ❤️



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