Mary Kate and Ashley

Mary Kate and Ashley

Mary Kate and Ashley are home. We are so grateful to all our amazing adopters and specially grateful to those that are willing to look at our more shy and timid kitties whose who don’t judge our cats on their first meeting.

Mary-Kate and Ashley had been in our care for 6 months. They arrived on the cusp of the socialisation window and, try as we might, they held a grudge with most of our team for their confinement as they were too social to be wild and too annoyed with us to be social! No cats hold a grudge quite like torties.


We worried what the future would look like for these girls. They had received lots of applications, but never quite found the right fit mainly because they simply didn’t want to meet new people and were never going to be lapcats.

Until 3 weeks ago when Cecily and her family reached out. They had recently lost their tortie and wanted to offer a home to another cat. Again, we explained that meeting them would probably mean not actually “meeting” them but they were not put off! They came to meet the girls and knew that they were not going to get much interaction but despite the girls doing their normal hide, scurry and rude words they wanted them both 😍


2 weeks on and not only have the girls adjusted to their new home they have embraced their new family and even enjoy their company! We are trying not to be offended 😅 They are respectful of the older resident cat and we are so delighted to see them so happy and content with their forever family 🥳

Thank you to Cecily and family for choosing to adopt our very special girl and for seeing past the tortitude to the true treasures underneath!

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