We are always happy to spread the joy and love of a rehoming post!

Lissey (little black and tan pup), along with her sister Piccalilli and mum Myrie were brought to the attention of a GSPCA Volunteer/Fosterer.

Mum Myrie was being used for breeding, so her pups could be sold on the streets to the first person who offered cash. Thankfully, Mum and pups were rounded up and came under our care whilst staying in foster with Jayne, their saviour.

As you can see from the photos little Lissey caught the eye of Emma and the rest of her family and just before Christmas (yes, theres a clue in the photo 🤣) Lissey, now renamed May after the legendary Brian May of Queen, headed home to live her life as a much loved and cherished member of the family.

Thank you Emma and family for adopting not one but, now, two rescue dogs ❤️

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