After 5 months waiting, we are absolutely thrilled to be able to let you all know that our beautiful boy Lens has finally made it into a forever home.

Alerted to him last November, we went in search of the dog wandering the streets and a building site in Ballinasloe Town. Thankfully, a kind person had met him stumbling along a busy street and we asked them to drop him into the local vets as we made our way to collect him. We could tell straight away that Lens had little, if any, sight but what was more upsetting was his emaciated state. A few days later an eye specialist confirmed that Lens had no sight so began our work to be Lens eyes and help him navigate his stay in our busy, noisy sanctuary.

In the early weeks Lens seemed delighted to now be getting regular meals, walks and lots of attention but as those weeks started to turn into months, Lens started to suffer with kennel depression. Any little noise would set him off barking non stop in frustration and it broke our hearts to hear his cries as he sat in darkness day in, day out despite our efforts to keep him as stress free as possible. We posted his photo and story on numerous occasions and while Lens got a couple of applications, sadly, they just were not the match for his needs.

In April we were invited to Cork to appear on the Today Show with Lens to highlight rescue dogs and Lens was an absolute star and it was as though he knew to look down the camera at an audience, hoping to tug on someone’s heartstrings🥰

And tug on a few he did and we had 2 lovely applications come in but unfortunately both were for long hours alone and we just knew that was not what we wanted for Lens. And then we received a tentative text message asking if it would be ok to chat with someone about Lens. Evelyns daughter had seen Lens on our Facebook post a month earlier and showed her mum but then when she saw him again on The Today Show she spoke to her mum again and asked her to, at least, find out more, hence the first phone call. And this family ticked all Lens boxes.

We arranged a meeting so Evelyn and her family could see just how well Lens coped with being blind and as we watched them all enjoying time together in one of our gardens, we knew that this was going to be Lens time to shine. A week later Lens was waiting with his bags packed as his new family arrived to collect him. Lens now lives his best life in Co Mayo with his very own forever family. They have taken all our advice on board and have slowly introduced Lens to his new house, garden and local areas. We hear that Lens has settled in so, so well. He already navigates all the rooms in the house and this week discovered one of the kids bedrooms all by himself, where he had a comfy snooze up on the bed. We also hear he goes out to play football and hurling every day though he isn’t much of a goalie!🤣


Thanks to Evelyn and her family, Lens is now living a life he must have only ever dreamed of. He is safe, he is happy and he is so loved. We are forever grateful to his new family for giving him this chance and we wish you all so many years of happy memories together.

Lens, it was worth waiting for. Enjoy brave, sweet boy❤️


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