In March we were asked to help rehome a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy. As with any rehoming, be it one of our sanctuary dogs or a private rehoming, we take full responsibility for that dog for the rest of its days ensuring any private rehoming is done per our rehoming policy which means ensuring spays/neuters. Joonie proved popular and had many lively applications but one stood out.

Jackie and Ralph are big breed lovers and many years ago adopted a wolfhound named Beckett, from GSPCA, who continues to flourish in their care though is quite a senior boy now, so we knew they were well equipped for another big breed. We also knew how committed they are to putting in the work any dog requires but especially a puppy with an intelligent and curious mind such as Joonie.

It has been nearly a month now since Joonie set off to her new home and, whilst there was a period of adjustment for both Beckett and Joonie, we hear that they are now best friends. Joonie attends puppy training classes and is proving to be a star pupil with Jackie and Ralph continuing her training at home. Just what a girl like Joonie needs and enjoys 🥰

Renamed Luna and growing bigger with each passing day, we are just so happy to have once again been able to find the “perfect match”.

Here’s to Joonie/Luna finally growing into those amazing ears and to many more happy days loving life with her new family ❤️


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