Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy

Little Itsy Bitsy came into our care after a staff member was alerted to her plight in Galway City. Itsy Bitsy had been thrown out among rubbish, was terrified and trying her very best to stay hidden from humans. It took our team over a week to gain Itsy’s trust but with the help of some of our more confident doggies she was soon wagging her tail and no longer trying to hide away as we entered her room. She was the smallest, sweetest little girl weighing just over 2kg but fully grown.

We knew Itsy needed a quietish home and while she had some fabulous applications come in, there was one that really did tick all the boxes and more. Angie lived in a quiet area and had one older little dog called Gertie who she absolutely adored but, having had two dogs before, Angie felt she could offer Itsy a wonderful forever home.

It was most definitely love at first sight for Angie, when meeting Itsy and it wasn’t long before Itsy realised that Angie had lots of love to share and, most importantly, a lap that would fit both her and Gertie.

We hear that Itsy (now called Peggie) has settled in really well and won the heart of both Angie and Gertie in just a few days. They have had trips to the local beach which Itsy loved and after only a few days, Gertie is already allowing Itsy to snuggle in beside her.

It most definitely is a ‘dogs life” at Angies but a life many dogs could only ever dream of finding. Thank you Angie for opening up a whole new life for a little girl who has gone from a dumped, unwanted stray on the street to the most loved and adored little girl with a family to call her own.


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