Folly arrived as a surrender and was lucky enough to find herself a foster home with Anne. Small, white and fluffy Folly may have been but there was a somewhat determined and opinionated little lady underneath all that fluff so we had to make sure we placed Folly in a home that would understand her (and put up with her 🤣)

Enter the Reilly Family and their dog Snowy! Enter Folly into their home and she was straight up on their kitchen table helping herself to Ella’s lunch whilst everyone was distracted🙈😃 The Reilly family were willing to give Folly her forever home, thought her diva ways were endearing and were more than happy to work their way through any hiccups, and there were a few at the start !

Two weeks in and we hear that Folly, now back to her original name of Molly, has settled in amazingly well. They love her to bits and are enjoying her puppyish antics which they say keep them amused and on their toes!

A huge thanks to Anne for opening up her home as a foster and to the Reillys for opening up theirs as a forever home.

Teamwork makes the dream work ❤️


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