Ding Dong

Ding Dong

Ding Dong arrived into our care as a terrified stray. It is never easy to witness this sort of raw fear in a dog but it’s even more heartbreaking when it is a pup. Once Ding Dong realised she was safe and loved her puppy side started to emerge and soon she was galloping around the fields with her legs everywhere, chewing at stuff she shouldn’t, ignoring our calls to come in and thinking that everyone wanted a Ding Dong sitting on their head. Those were just a few of those traits and we loved her for them!

Being a lurcher, albeit a very hairy pretty one, we weren’t convinced that would be able to find Ding Dong her perfect match in Ireland and, indeed, offers were coming in from Italy, England and Scotland but we desperately want to promote our Irish sighthounds at home.

Along came the McHugh Family, a chilled out, easy going family with a love of dogs and the outdoors. They already had two dogs so we arranged a meet and greet. Ding Dong was a little shy but we did warn them that there was more to come (lots more) and 5 minutes in Ding Dong was doing what Ding Dong does best, zooming off the sofas, shredding the contents of the toy box, pulling out of sleeves, jackets, trousers and shoes despite there being a human inside them and, can you believe it, the Mc Hugh Family said YES!!

We hear that Ding Dong arrived with a bang but has started to settle in. She is slowly learning her boundaries (most of the time) and is getting rid of some that pent up energy by falling into lakes, after ducks!!! She is loved and cherished now and that’s the most important part. The rest will come or at least that’s what we told them as they signed on the dotted line.

Have the best life sweet Ding Dong keep up that zest for life always.

Our grateful thanks to the McHugh Family ❤️

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