We are excited to share the news that our Saluki girl, Choir, has flown the Heathlawn nest and is happily settled in her forever home 🥰 What makes that news even more exciting is that Choirs forever home is here in Galway!

A month ago this young, sweet, Saluki girl lived her life in a filthy, rubbish strewn back yard where the occupants and her owners had taken themselves off leaving Choir and two other dogs to fend for themselves. No food, no shelter and most definitely no love.

For Choir (now named Evie) all that is a distant memory as every night, for the last week, she snuggles up on a sofa, gets kissed goodnight before she goes to sleep and spends her days playing in the garden, exploring the neighbourhood and watching her humans work. A world that she could only ever have dreamed about before.

Thanks to the wonderful Leeanne and Paul for exploring the option of adopting a Sighthound, for being open to their gentle, fun nature and for understanding what big changes it would all be to Evie.

We wish you both and Evie many happy years together .🥰🥰🥰🥰




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