Well it has been a whirlwind of a week for our little girl Bunny who arrived into our care and very quickly left again as she headed off to foster with ex Galway SPCA boy Ratatouille (now Milo) and his mum and dad, Siobhán and Noel.

Ratatouille was rehomed by us 2.5 months ago and has become a real Daddys boy so it seemed only fair that mum Siobhán got herself a new sofa buddy too, as a foster of course! When we drove away, leaving Bunny happily on Siobháns knee, we glanced at the filled out “foster form” on our front seat and had a little smile to ourselves, because we knew .. Bunny had found her forever home.

We hear that Milo and Bunny, now renamed Holly, are getting on great. They share the window seat as they keep a close eye on the goings on outside. The house cat is still the boss and is totally undeterred by another new arrival and best of all, Siobhán and Noel now have a dog each on their lap every night.

Thank you guys for giving a loving home to not one but two GSPCA doggies.


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