Oliver Walk and Fun Dog Show

Oliver Walk and Fun Dog Show

Well what can we say except a “MASSIVE THANK YOU” to EVERYONE who turned up at Portumna Forest Park and joined in our annual “Oliver Walk”. Not only did you all show your support for Galway SPCA but you also reminded us that there is so much love and kindness out there for our 4 (and 3) legged best friends.

From the smallest to the biggest, the hairiest to the smooth coated, the youngest to the oldest, the pure bred to the mixed breed, the shy to the confident, the quiet to the loud and the ones in forever homes to the ones still waiting. You Rock! It really was the most wonderful sight to see so many beautiful dogs together, all enjoying the beautiful forest.

We hope that everyone had a lovely time and that feet and paws had a well eared rest❤️ 

There are so many people behind the scenes at Galway SPCA to thank for making it (and everyday) possible …we thank you too.




After a lovely walk through the scenic Portumna Forest it was back to the main carpark for some well earned refreshments at our bar-b-que and shop before our Fun Dog Show. Once again your support was so greatly appreciated and its never easy to pick just one winner because in our eyes, each and every dog IS A WINNER ❤️ 

Give your doggies some extra loving and thank them for being the amazing dogs they truly were….today and everyday ❤️


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